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5 Easy Ways to Deal With Skin Irritation After Waxing or Shaving

Waxing and shaving are the most common ways to get smooth skin without hair. But, not infrequently this actually causes irritation to the skin. Don't let this disturb your smooth skin. Come on, immediately overcome the five easy ways below! Skin irritation after waxing or shaving is generally caused by inflammation of the surface of the skin due to exposure to wax or being scratched by a shaver. Symptoms of skin irritation that appear after waxing or shaving include redness, swelling, itching, and pain. Relieves skin irritation after waxing or shaving Basically skin irritation after waxing or shaving can heal by itself after a few days. However, you can speed up recovery and overcome the discomfort caused by irritation in the following easy ways: 1. Compress with ice The first thing you can do to deal with irritated skin is to compress the irritated part using a clean washcloth that has been dipped in ice or cold water. After that, compress for about 20 minutes. In additio
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Come on, recognize the eyes of Minus in children

Minus the eye can occur to anyone, including children. Not infrequently, minus the eye is difficult to know or disguised with other conditions in children. Though minus the eye can interfere with the activities of the Little One, especially in learning activities. Minus eyes or nearsightedness is one of the eye health disorders that cause children to not be able to see distant objects clearly. Eye minus in children is known to be related to several factors, such as heredity, habit of reading books too closely, or habit of using gadgets for a long time. Minus Eye Symptoms in Children Some children may not complain or be aware of the disturbance due to the minus eye they are experiencing. Therefore, it is the parents or caregivers at home who need to pay attention to the minus eye symptoms in children, in order to immediately get the right treatment. Some symptoms that indicate the child has minus eyes, namely: Difficulty seeing distant objects. Often misread the writing on the

Recognize Milk from A2 Cattle, New Cows That Are Believed to Produce Healthier Milk

Since a long time ago, milk has been known as a healthful beverage for the body. Although healthy, but some people have a mismatch against cow's milk. Lately, new types of cows are believed to produce milk that is healthier than other types of cows. This cow is called A2 cow. So, what distinguishes milk from A2 cows with milk from other ordinary cows? Similar to milk in general, A2 milk is a type of milk produced from dairy cows. It's just that distinguishes it from ordinary cow's milk is the main protein content of beta-casein A1 and A2. Generally, ordinary cow's milk contains these two main types of protein. Meanwhile, milk from A2 cows only contains beta-casein A2 alone. To get milk from A2 quality cows, a series of beef selection is needed using DNA testing. It is intended that the milked cows can produce pure A2 protein. Types of Cow Milk Protein In general, cow's milk contains about 80 percent of casein protein from all of the available protein. One type